Going Green

HopperGrass Lawn Care goes GREEN!

What a difference it makes to use natural, eco-friendly products to transform your lawn into a green, healthier, beautiful looking lawn.  A beautiful green lawn means more than cut and mow.  It takes nurturing and nature care by our Go-Green lawn technicians.

HopperGrass Lawn Care offers Go-Green Plans that let you make the Switch from Lawn Chemicals?

Lawns and gardens maintained with repeated fertilizer and pesticide applications may look perfect but this perfection is achieved at the expense of soil vitality.

Landscaping experts agree that a chemically dependent lawn is more prone to disease and less able to handle stresses from drought, heat and insects. In addition, lawn chemicals and toxins can build up in soils, leach into our water, and pose potential hazards to people, pets and non-target species such as bees and birds.

Our Go-Green technicians will examine your lawns and eliminate pesticides that cause soil erosion.  Natural products are used to care for your lawn and enhance a greener environment.

Go, Go, Go Green with HopperGrass Lawn Care !!!

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“HopperGrass brings life to your lawn”
In the country we didn’t know it was a grasshopper,
So we call it HopperGrass because it
Hops on the grass …
Hop! Hop! …